Travis Scott, John Mayer, & Tame Impala Take ‘SNL’ to Astroworld

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On October 6th of 2018, “Saturday Night Live” transformed Studio 8H into a vibrant, otherworldly amusement park, courtesy of musical guest Travis Scott. The Houston rapper, known for his innovative sound and dynamic performances, didn’t just perform on SNL; he created an unforgettable experience that blurred the lines between concert and television show. With special appearances by John Mayer and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, plus a unique sketch performance alongside host Awkwafina, Scott’s appearance on SNL was a multi-faceted showcase of his immense talent.

Travis Scott Delivered A Super Group Performance

The night kicked off with Scott forming an extraordinary supergroup with John Mayer and Kevin Parker. Together, they delivered a funky medley of “SKELETONS” and “ASTROTHUNDER” from Scott’s critically acclaimed album, ASTROWORLD. This performance marked the first live rendition of “ASTROTHUNDER,” captivating the audience with its mesmerizing visuals and sound. The stage, inspired by the eclectic and whimsical cover art of ASTROWORLD, featured a rotating carousel horse, adding to the surreal atmosphere of the performance.

Upside-Down Rapping Phenomenon

Travis Scott later returned to the SNL stage for a standout performance of “Sicko Mode.” In an unprecedented move, Scott rapped the hit song upside down, suspended from an arcade console. This daring performance not only showcased Scott’s willingness to push boundaries but also highlighted the creative possibilities of live television.

A Skit to Remember

In addition to his musical performances, Travis Scott joined forces with SNL host Awkwafina in a hilarious sketch. Portraying a Mariah Carey backup dancer named Lil Bang Bang, Scott demonstrated his comedic timing and versatility. The sketch, which revolved around a late-night dance-off, featured Scott dancing to the Jeopardy! theme song, adding another layer to his multifaceted SNL appearance.

Why This Travis Scott SNL Performance Was Monumental

Travis Scott’s stint as SNL’s musical guest was more than just a set of performances; it was a statement. By incorporating elements of his ASTROWORLD aesthetic into the show and collaborating with artists across genres, Scott showcased the boundless creativity that defines his work. His ability to blend music, comedy, and performance art made for an episode that stood out in SNL’s storied history. Fans of Travis Scott, John Mayer, Tame Impala, and Awkwafina were treated to a night that transcended typical musical guest appearances, cementing Scott’s status as an innovator in entertainment.

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