Logic Confronts Black Father for Abandonment and White Mother’s Racial Insensitivity

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A Complex Relationship

Renowned rapper Logic has always been vocal about his strained bond with his father, Robert Bryson Hall, who abandoned his family due to a severe crack addiction and went on to sire additional offspring. The tumultuous father-son relationship has been a recurring theme in Logic’s life, often characterised by occasional appearances where Hall would repeatedly request money from his affluent son.

Crossing the Line

A significant turning point in their relationship came when Logic’s father blatantly ignored his son’s pleas to stop asking for financial help. This disrespect felt like a low blow to the 34-year-old artist who had been tolerating his father’s behaviour for years.

A Shift in Perception

However, an in-depth conversation on Logic’s YouTube channel “Logically Speaking”, coupled with another lengthy discussion 16 hours earlier, set the stage for a deeper understanding and acceptance of their past and present selves. Hall, who previously appeared to be self-absorbed and demanding, revealed a new side of himself, showing genuine empathy towards others, especially his new wife and son.

A Change in Outlook

After years of estrangement, Logic noticed a change in his father’s attitude. Although he was once perceived as selfish and unwilling to share his fortune, his father began to understand the predicaments associated with being wealthy in a family struggling with poverty.

Charitable Contributions

Logic addressed his father’s accusations of not being helpful, reminding him that he has lent a helping hand not only to family members but also to those outside his family circle. Despite not publicising his philanthropic deeds, Logic asserted that he had donated generously and anonymously to his Black community and beyond.

The Burden of Being a Provider

Their conversation also touched on the emotional drain associated with being the sole provider for family members prone to squandering money. Logic recounted how his father, siblings, and even his half-siblings requested extravagant financial favors such as purchasing homes, which could amount to millions of dollars.

Racial Tension at Home

In addition to monetary issues, Logic opened up about the racial tension he faced at home, instigated by his mother, Terry Lee Miller, who often used derogatory language towards her own children.

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